Sports, Injury, and Athletic Recovery Massage

My massage practice is catered to the active, athletic individual who sees Massage Therapy as a valuable part of the recovery process. Located inside Ute CrossFit Holladay, the majority of the people I work with train at the gym. I also work with a variety of other individuals who need specific, detailed massage for both acute and chronic injuries. 

Massage Therapy Menu

Customized protocol for each session based on client’s goals. Full body sessions or targeted tune-ups are available at each time interval. Available by appointment in a private studio inside Ute CrossFit Holladay. Outcall appointments are also available.

30 Minute  -  $35   recommended for 1 single area minor focus.

60 Minute  -  $65   recommended for 1 single area of major focus, or light full body massage.

75 Minute  -  $75   recommended for 1 single area of major focus, and/or full body massage.

90 Minute  -   $95   recommended for 2+ areas of major focus, and/or full body attention.

120 Minute  -  $125  recommended for 2+ areas of major focus, and/or deep tissue full body massage.

*Outcall Available, add. $25

**Onsite Chair Massage Available


Massage Therapy Modalities

Sports Recovery


Decrease the time between work-outs by increasing the rate of muscle repair and lymphatic drainage. Reduce muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and feel better after a tough workout.

Address specific injuries, joint mobilization and scar tissue as needed. Get more out of your training by incorporating regular bodywork into your active recovery.


Alignment Therapy


Following the Dr. Ida Rolf recipe, this modality incorporates myofascial unwinding and traditional structural integration techniques. Recover from chronic injuries, pathological posture, and structural disfunction with targeted bodywork sessions. 

Full 12 session series available. Viewing clothes required. Additional details available upon request.


Russian Sports Massage

Russian Sports Massage is an enhancement to every athletic recovery program. During the 1800’s Medical and Athletic experts in the Russian Empire collaborated to produce one of the worlds most effective Sports Massage modalities. 

Since breaking into the Olympic scene in the 1980’s, competitive athletes all over the world have added regular sports massage to their training regiment. Amp up your recovery and your fitness capacity with regular bodywork. 

Russian Sports Massage can be added to part of, or throughout your next massage session.